Thursday, May 10, 2007 do do doo....celebrate....

Yes well I'm not going to apologise for that tragic version of Madonna's breakthrough hit song back in the 80's. Yes, it was slightly out of tune and breathy but that just makes it more authentic and like the way Madonna sang it before the studio engineer glossed it up on the sound deck.

Umm, where was I ? Oh yes, holidays.

Lonely Planet is a well known series of travel guides that sell around the world. They take the "off the beaten track", I'm a real "traveller" not a "tourist" approach.

Actually they are pretty good.

However, apparently they have been drenched in a wave of self righteous effluent recently according to my friend tango girl with the common phrases section attempting to translate the following: " Do you have fair trade coffee ?" " Are those energy efficient light bulbs ?" and the like.

A couple of pointers people. In a poor country - question 1 sounds pretty patronising and you should take whatever they have. Question 2 assumes electricity.

Just a thought