Friday, December 01, 2017

So Don Burke has Aspergers...

For the sake of argument, lets assume that Don Burke is telling the truth. I don't believe it, but lets give it a go. He has Aspergers. The thing is, with Aspergers, sometimes your "thinking it but mustn't say it aloud" filters don't work, ever. Hence you find yourself telling the unvarnished truth. Before that, you have had to have had the thoughts that you express. The nature of the allegations of sexual harassment etc against the Don indicate that he had a very mucky mind. Truly disgusting. Outbursts or broadcasting from those who have Aspergers get their source material from the source. Draw their water from the well, as it were. Based on what we have heard to date, that is some revolting, poisonous water he is working with. Just sayin'

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oh Tay Tay...seriously ?

One of my pieces of dirty laundry is that I love Taylor Swift. Yep, that is right,love her. The songs make me sing along, she is an extraordinary business woman, she's only 27 and she rocks. Until now. I am devastated to learn about her new online portal which offers fans the chance to move up the queue to try to get (no guarantees) tickets to see her. She has used a classic gaming model (yes I do mean video game but also in the economics modelling sense). As fans buy merch, they move up the queue, getting closer to tickets. Not with a defined goal like, pay X and you get Y. No, pay X and you might get a shot at Y. Seriously Taylor ? You really need to push your young, impressionable fans harder to make more cash ? Sorry Tay Tay but this decision is where you and ethics get a divorce... a really nasty one.

Crayons anyone ?

SO... North Korea’s Official Media agency has said that Donald Trump is “ A coward who deserves to die”. Before that, the Donald (in a backhanded way) said Kim Jong-Un was “short and fat”. And before that, Kim Jong-Un said Trump was “old” and "a lunatic". And this is just the kindergarten name-calling stage. God help us all if either of them get hold of a box of crayons...😕

Somewhere, over the 🌈

The plebiscite is over. YES ! Finally, something Australia has done that I don’t have to be ashamed about. Maybe now I won’t have to wear a disguise whenever I travel abroad. And yes, I know we still have a long way to go...