Thursday, November 03, 2005

tired and mummified

Up and down, up and down - no it isn't - god, I wish...

Unlike other new mother's sites, this will not be one long whinge. Hell no, I prefer to act as my now jaded metabolism dictates - manically. One minute up and vibey, the next slumped face down on a pillow drooling slightly.

Today's thoughts.

a) If the new anti-terrorism laws come in, will I be jailed for sedition for having angry, hateful thoughts about the pitiful state of childcare in this country ?

b) Would I maybe be grateful for having an extended period in jail so I could catch up on sleep ?

c) If Sleep is the new awake* - how does Ben Lee understand being a new parent so well ? Could he be the new pin-up for mothers everywhere ? And would we be fully conscious enough to remember who he was for more than 30 seconds ?

These and other questions to be examined further, at some point, when I can be bothered, maybe, if I can remember...

Signing off and hitting the sack - mummified

* Ben Lee's new album
Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work I go.......

Ever gone 11 straight days without a good night's sleep and tried without success to form a coherent sentence in a management meeting ?

Found that childcare is just a euphemism for "virus ridden disease camp" ?

Wondered why you are paying someone to care for your child while you miss them and slave (sorry, work enthusiastically and productively) in another building to pay the mortgage ?

Answers to these questions and more are not available at present but suggestions are welcome


Mummified (and my brain is fried)