Friday, July 27, 2007

About f***ing time - Haneef has been released

Dr Haneef has now been released from detention after being held since the 2nd July on providing "reckless" support to terrorists. Problem was - it wasn't his SIM card in the burning jeep in the UK - like the authorities claimed when they first held him without charge him then stuck him into jail.

He is now back in his unit on the Gold Coast. Poor bloke probably won't even want to stay in Australia after this - even if he does get his visa back. When did I move from Australia - the land of tolerance and "a fair go for all" to this Kafka-esque wasteland ?

I apologise to any Muslim readers of this blog. Australia can and should do better. I am ashamed that we have become such an intolerant police state. Don't get me wrong. Those who have committed terrorist acts should be caught and imprisoned but we have to do better than hold and question people for nearly a month for no good reason.

Mummified is not impressed.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yippee yi ay....

Righto, well am off to volunteer for the Melbourne Writer's Festival which happens at the end of August/early September here. Am also off to see Dave Eggers speak -hoorah - Mr McSweeney himself plus a cast of other notables...

Yippee yi ay....

Life is good right now and we actually had two mild days with real (not tinned) sunshine this week. What a difference a bit of blue sky and sun makes.

Little fella is well. I have had a full night's sleep for nearly a week. If things get any better they will have to sedate me to avoid a mass breakout of jealousy from my friends.


Mummified is happified

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hipocritical oath

Well, it works like this. There is the Hippocratic oath, taken by most Doctors and the hypocritical oath - taken by the Glasgow and London bombers. ie, yes I'm a doctor but I don't have a problem with killing as many people as possible in spectacularly inept car bomb attacks on the people of the UK.