Monday, January 29, 2007

Product placement - the bane of modern movies

No, people don't watch the advertisements anymore. They turned away, switched off, logged out. So we need something new. I know, we'll have their favourite characters in the movies using our products on every occasion possible. We'll call it the "halo" effect to keep the marketers happy....

And the most shocking exponent of this plague on our screens ? Yes, Wallace himself.
Most people think "Wallace and Gromit" are simply a couple of old duffers - well actually, that would be Wallace, Gromit is the dog who keeps the show on the road.

I counted an astonishing number of references to "CHEEEEEESE" in their latest adventure, "The curse of the Were Rabbit" and I was disturbed to see carrots and all manner of other vegetables being pushed front and centre. Where will it all end ?