Thursday, November 03, 2005

tired and mummified

Up and down, up and down - no it isn't - god, I wish...

Unlike other new mother's sites, this will not be one long whinge. Hell no, I prefer to act as my now jaded metabolism dictates - manically. One minute up and vibey, the next slumped face down on a pillow drooling slightly.

Today's thoughts.

a) If the new anti-terrorism laws come in, will I be jailed for sedition for having angry, hateful thoughts about the pitiful state of childcare in this country ?

b) Would I maybe be grateful for having an extended period in jail so I could catch up on sleep ?

c) If Sleep is the new awake* - how does Ben Lee understand being a new parent so well ? Could he be the new pin-up for mothers everywhere ? And would we be fully conscious enough to remember who he was for more than 30 seconds ?

These and other questions to be examined further, at some point, when I can be bothered, maybe, if I can remember...

Signing off and hitting the sack - mummified

* Ben Lee's new album


SC said...

Ok. Here are your instructions:

Write more.
Write more.
And write more.

In that order.

SC said...

I've included your blog in my links list. This is an honour so huge that it almost cannot be repaid. Please do not embarrass me by forgetting the instructions above.