Thursday, June 15, 2006

Run for cover - mummy is foaming at the mouth

Colleagues have learnt to run for cover when mummified gets that glint in her eye and says warningly - "I feel a blog coming on..."

This morning's offering relates to the absolute moo c*w on my train to work. Shouting into her mobile phone, she was busy telling some poor soul at the other end that he had to move to the other company or accept a redundancy.

She laughed at his objections, ridiculed his obvious anxiety and clearly thought she was role modelling a "tough but fair" management style.

On what planet does someone have a conversation with their staff in such an environment ? On what planet does someone act with such a lack of respect for another human being ? What is the name of that planet and when can she move there ? And can we all chip in to pay the fare ?

After recounting the tale to my mate "D", he said that what I should have said when she hung up the phone was - "Great work, what's your next plan ? Invade Poland ?"

Anyone else heard any particularly vile, hilarious, annoying, frantically cute conversations yelled into a mobile phone lately ? Please share as you see fit


The Phosgene Kid said...

Invade Poland, Who hasn't?

Eternally Curious said...

I despise folks who seem unavoidably tied to cell phones in public. What a pathetic show of ego-needing-inflating! And the conversation you were forced to overhear? Just yet one more example of just how mean a society we really have become! I wrote a similar post, way back in archives. It truly upsets me that so many of us have become accustomed to being mean to each other ... so accustomed, we don't even recognize it any longer!!

As I said in my post, a society far surpassing "Mean Girls" - only without the gender reference!!

mummified said...

PK - yeah, I know, it seems to be the done thing when one is a meglomanic in Europe. And yes, Eternally Curious, there is a lack of good manners about generally although I also come across some delighteful people as well and, all in all, it does seem to bablance out in the end. Since I am now Chancellor of the Exchequer of the UK as well as Minister for the Environment (refer to Seb's Blag - he is now a candidate for Prime MInister once Tony Blair vacates the chair), I might use my new found political clout to legislate for better manners all round.

Eternally Curious said...

You (and Seb) have my vote. Will it count from here, across the pond? No matter ... you still have it!! And you are right - the wonderful people of the world way make up for all the louses!!

mummified said...

So sweet of you, eternally curious, I shall let Seb know that he has your vote on his blog. He will be delighted.

Tea and Books, etc said...

Along with spate of new technology are the illiterate and rudesbys. They tend to go hand in hand, regardless of their level of education or position in an organization.

I hope their keyboards, cell phones, and PDAs give them a jolt of electricity at least once every day, and preferably each time they do something obnoxious and rude.