Thursday, March 29, 2007

Apparently it is bad form...

Went to the World Championship Swimming Competition last night. Amazing stuff. Not the sort of thing I'd usually attend. Hence, somewhat unversed in swimming etiquette.

Checked the program, it listed the events, nothing in it about not appreciating the male swimmers. Shockingly, apparently they wear those full body outfits so they can swim faster.

Well, that is just a waste of a good resource. In today's marketplace, it is all about "adding value".

I had to wait until each race was over before they would peel down their tops so I could appreciate their chests. I don't remember shouting out - "ooooh, nice pecs". I am sure it was the rowdy lady in the aisle behind us.

Mummified would never be so badly behaved. I would be more likely to shout "Has it been half an hour since you ate ?" followed closely by " I'm not nagging, I just don't want you to get cramps when you hop back in the pool."


Eternally Curious said...

LOL! I'd have likely been the rowdy lady in the row behind you!

mummified said...

Yeah, that would be right EC. You are such a bad influence on me. tee hee hee

Fuff said...

LOL. Tsk. Heeeheeee!