Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh Stella !

Well, well, well....

The land of Oz has finally grabbed the "mass-tige" (vs prestige - ie haute couture) concept by the lapels and Target (a big US chain store here) delivered the first collection by Stella McCartney about 2 weeks ago.

The day it was released there were hordes of ravenous shoppers salivating outside the store from 6am that morning so that they could be first to buy the new collection.

It was not a limited collection (ie they made lots and lots of them girls and boys) but it was mass hysteria and made the TV news.

I know they still had more because my mum went in there and bought herself two items the week after. And very fetching they were too.

Listen, I know I'm square. I'm so square that I am practically rectangular but the frenzied shopping for labels thing is just beyond me. I mean seriously, are we so bereft of intellect that buying a new outfit causes wild surges of adrenaline to rush though our systems ? What the heck is going on ?

Answers that do not include four letter words are most welcome.


darren said...

Mummified, I'm just a regular guy, not the kind to get caught up in all that mob hysteria - but when the mannequin refused to hand over their pants. Things got little heated!. It was kind of fun.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I am just happy to find something that fits, much less who made it. Despite the labels all clothes are manufactured by five year olds working in Indonesian sweat shops, so it doesn't make much difference in the end.

I think it is ironic the "five" is a four letter word, don't you??

mummified said...

Darren - Frankly, I think you were well within your rights to take the pants from the mannequin. The mannequin was clearly being difficult for the sake of it. We have enough stroppy (translation from the Australian - bad tempered) live models out there already. We do not need the wretched mannequins joining in.

PK - I take your point and agree that, in this instance - five is actually a four letter - not to be repeated in front of children - or grandchildren.