Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mummified is horrified

Ok then. You got your basic - women wearing skimpy outfits and swaying their hips suggestively as "asking for it " (it being rape) type argument coming from the Ramadan sermon of our most senior muslim cleric in Australia - Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali.

(Yes, lets use such an important sermon in the muslim calendar to promote hatred - what a brilliant idea...)

And, to cement our reputation as barbaric and misogynist, the recent gang rape of a mentally impaired 16 year old (including setting her hair alight) in Werribee portrayed as "a bit of fun".

Actually, you should see the DVD - they filmed the incident and sold copies to their mates for $5 each. Having fun and making a profit - geez, does it get any better than this ?

Interested in your comments....


Fuff said...

There's not a lot I could say that wouldn't be considered as incitement to commit one violent crime or another! Thanks for the link btw, reciprocated.

mummified said...

Thanks Fuff. :-)

Tea and Books, etc said...

Anyone who would condone such heinous acts, who would seek to profit from said acts, should be made to undergo the same. This includes the animals you mention here, as well as those who have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate these tortures in Darfur and elsewhere.