Monday, October 16, 2006

Step 1 - sell your soul to pay the mortgage

Step 2 - pick a career that pays well, has kudos and will make your parents proud
Step 3 - do this career everyday until you are nearly 40
Step 4 - stop, reflect, realise you are wasting your life
Step 5 - reset your direction
Step 6 - not up to this bit yet


PsychoCat said...

Step 6: dither a bit and try a few new things that you think you might like.
Step 7: suddenly realise there is something you've wanted to do for years, and gently start saying "hey do you think i'd make a good ____?" to people.
Step 8: do it. you will be poorer, wiser and, most of all, happier.

mummified said...

Bless you Psychocat - you got it just right.