Saturday, March 11, 2006

Croup is cra*

Have you ever smelt fear ? I have and, frankly, I think it could do with deodorizing. Big time.
Being Australian, there is a swear word in the title and I hope I will not offend any of my gentle readers.

However, we Aussies can be a little , ahem, direct when alarmed and fear does it to me every time.

My little guy has had croup for two weeks. Croup is a filthy, explosive cough that sounds like said indiviual is attempting to regurgitate his internal organs through his mouth. That I can live with. I don't like that it causes him pain - thank you to big pharma for Baby Panadol (like aspirin) - it can be eased. What I HATE is that sometimes he coughs so hard he can't get his breath.

Don't worry, I am writing this after the crisis has passed. Believe me, I would not be anywhere near this computer if he was still ill. After two lots of steroids - cortisone he is back to his happy, cheeky self and the cough has subsided. But it gives me pause. I tend to assume that in our technologically forward society that nothing can ever really harm my beloved (the little one, not the big guy). But I'm wrong.

I'll end here. Now that he is well, he is back trying to turn off the computer when mummy isn't giving him enough attention....

mummified - relieved but tired


Tea and Books, etc said...

Glad to hear the little one is doing better, but sad that he (and you and the hubby) had to go through all that.

Croup is rather frightening and cortisone can be wonderful therapy.

Here's to wishing the tyke an uneventful and quick recovery, and you and his da some rest and relief.

The Phosgene Kid said...

That's one we never went through. Happy everything is ok now. I was really impressed that you focused on your child - I know that might sound bizzare, but after hearing tales from my wife (pre-school teacher) about some of the parents of her students it is refreshing to hear about someone who really cares. Good on you!!

mummified said...

Thank you tea and PK. The little fella is still coughing but just normal coughing now. And he is finally starting to walk and looks like a drunken sailor - step - stagger sideways, tip to the side, - step - stagger sideways, tip to the side - it is hilarious

Tea and Books, etc said...

Lol! Glad to hear he's nearly back to full strength.

If you've a video recorder, might want to take some candid shots for posterity (ie, to embarrass him as a teen with his mates and girlfriend). :-D

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ease up on the cough medicine and the staggering should stop.

mummified said...

PK - Are you telling me he shouldn't be having tequila shots for breakfast as well ? Joking, only joking.