Friday, March 03, 2006

Necessity is the mummy of reinvention

Chatting to my neighbour this morning, I was horrified to realise that I have become a cliche.
I mean, I had always had a tendency to lean towards bad puns but cliche-dom.... this was a new low.

For I have become the submerged mummy. Yes, I realise it sounds like a bad sequel with Brendan Fraser as the lead and lots of special effects. In fact, it is far worse. Mundane even.

I used to be mummified, corporate chick about town - off to Sweden, London, France for work, must check my mobile, go, go go. Career defined identity. And I never expected it to change.

Now there are aspects of that life that I am happy to relinquish, the jet lag, dealing with some corporate crisis after hours, the sheer gut wrenching graft I used to put in day after day.

But I spent so long being that person that I am not entirely sure who I am now. Therefore, I seem to be going through some sort of frankstein type consciousness raising. Which, frankly, is quite unnerving.

I shall doubtless emerge, at some future point, butterfly-like into a new form. However, right now I feel like a lumpy caterpillar. Does anyone have a leaf ?



Tea and Books, etc said...

*extending a monstrous-sized Amazonian leaf*

You would ne'er be a cliche, mummified! :-)

It sounds like you had a very active life, and it must be a bit of a relief to no longer be globe-hopping and available at all hours for work.

You are obviously a highly intelligent and talented lady, so I've no doubts at all that you'll find your feet soon (if you'll pardon the cliche). :-D

mummified said...

Tank you tea and books. I will find my feet - I'm just not sure what they will look like when I find them. You never know, they might look like writer's feet - who can tell...



The Phosgene Kid said...

If you are a caterpillar then watch out for birds… I left the military and was really a sea, I mean now I even had to decide what clothes to wear, no more uniform, though I found myself creating one anyway – gray shirt, gray slacks, not very showy. Life goes on.

I don’t miss traveling, although most of the places I went are places smart people avoid. Always did want to see Australia though. I did link up with Australian soldiers in Angeles City for a night on the town once, but that is as close as I ever got…

mummified said...

thanks phosgene kid. will see if I can find a kevlar vest somewhere.
I know I'll work it out, it is just painful going through life's big transitions sometimes. thanks for your note. :-) mummified - not cut and dried

Tea and Books, etc said...

Hi, mummified! It's fairly straightforward to setting links at your site. I'm assuming you mean in the sidebar and not in a post, right? (Process is the same, just in different location.) :-)

What you need to do is go into the Templates section of your site, find your Sidebar section,and find the 'Links' area.

Use the following tag (see more instructions below).

a href="URL of link you want to add">Name of site you want to add<

(I've deliberately broken the link so you can see it.

To complete the tag, add a less than symbol [<] to the beginning of the tag and this to the end of the tag: /a>

So, the beginning of the tag gets a less than symbol in front of the 'a href...', and the back of the end of the tag (after the site name) gets a less than symbol, a virgule, the letter 'a' and a greater than symbol.

Hope that helps; if not, I'll find something that's more clear. :-)

Tea and Books, etc said...

Here you are.

Much more straightforward than the gobblygook I posted. :-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy your Blog. A very original name!

I came across a Blog called "Crouching Mommy, Hidden Laundry". Sometimes it is fun just to look at the site title and not even read the blog - I do read yours, though...

Tea and Books, etc said...

Good golly! A new look! Congrats! :-D

mummified said...

Thanks PK and Tea,
I am going to try to link my site to yours and also Sebs but being a better writer than a techo - it could take me a while. Bear with me. :-)

Tea and Books, etc said...

Whoo hoo!

Congrats on getting the links up and thanks, kindly, ma'am! :-D

SC said...

Thanks for the link, Mummified. Nice new look too I see.

I think you are shamelessly fishing for compliments, and you do it very well. Please give me some tips when you have time.

I find your writing very enjoyable. You write in a conversational tone. You also give us an insight into an interesting and hot topic: motherhood versus career.

That'll be twenty quid please.

SC said...

By the way, not sure if you know this, or want to know this, but if you want each post to have its own title...

Settings > Formatting > Show Title Field > Yes.

Then add your title.

SC said...

That'll be another fiver.


mummified said...


Love your work but concerned that I may not be able to pay the invoices. You do know the state of the aussie dollar versus the pound! Will go online now to assess costs to set up a second mortgage

SC said...

Thank you kindly, Mummified. The compliment is worth so, so much more than a few pieces of paper with so-called monetary 'value'.

Anyway, please make cheques payable to: Mr S Carroll. Cash can be handled by my Senior Press Secretary, aka Angel.