Monday, May 08, 2006

The 12 step program for home-a-holics

Hi, my name is mummified and I am a home-a-holic.
It started so innocently. I'd read the homewares section in my local paper and scan the real estate section admiring all those flash houses with expensive renovations. But that is the thing. Like other home-a-holics, I was unable to contain my addiction and things soon got worse, much worse.
I'd wake up on the couch after a particularly nasty binge and find home magazines strewn all over the floor. "Home beautiful", "Belle", "Grand designs", "Inside Out" etc etc. I felt great shame yet I couldn't seem to stop. If I was in a newsagency (and this seemed to happen regularly), I would been drawn like a moth to a flame to the home improvement section. The next thing I knew, I would be looking at orange sofas, groovy kitchens and glamorous bathrooms.
I accept that I need help. I have looked for the equivalent of nicotine patches for home-a-holics but no one stocks them. I have tried going cold turkey but then I end up looking at real estate on the internet. This is a cry for help - how can I stop this shocking obsession from taking over my life ?


The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you like your house! I'd like to burn mine down and take a leak on the ashes. Not so much the house being the problem as the neighborhood and the lovely "Hill Folks" that are moving in.

mummified said...

I think it must be "nesting" hormones. They can attack a mummy at any moment.

Tea and Books, etc said...

Dearest Mummified,

I think you need more rest, yes, more rest so you won't become as obsessed as I (eeek!).

I know, I know, the wee one keeps you verrrrrry active, but cannot you take some naps with him?