Sunday, May 07, 2006

My son, the vampire...

Look, I thought Keanu Reeves was cute in that lame Dracula movie with Winona "light fingers" Ryder and Gary what's his name a while back too.
And I have always been a sucker (sorry) for a good vampire flick but the utter agony of having my son's eye teeth (aka pointy little fangs at the top) puncture his gums to come through properly.... well, it was like the night of the undead. Well, if not actually the undead then certainly the "wish I had been dead" - dead to the world and asleep. But no, Mr wailing banshee - aka little fella - was not having any of that nonsense. No way babeee. He was screaming so loudly over a four hour period that I thought the cops were going to break down the door at any minute assuming he was being murdered.
By that point I was in a major panic. Forget the urbane, wise-cracking mummy of yore, I had broken into a sweat thinking he had yet another middle ear infection (stick the pointy end of an old fashioned mathematical compass into your ear and jab as hard as possible to simulate the effect). So a call to the locum who turned up at 2am and pronounced him as having a nasty head cold and possibly teeth coming through. You know, normally I would be embarrassed at having made a fuss and called a doctor out when it didn't turn out to be an actual medical emergency but at that point, I was so wrung out that I just paid the exorbitant fee on my Visa without a peep. I explained that we were going to be flying on a plane the next morning just to check this would be OK.
Nope - not OK. So a trip planned about 5 months ago to visit the rellies (aka relatives) in Western Australia was up in smoke. Not to worry - the nice people at frequent flyer points for Qantas are letting us keep the tickets to use another time. (They were very nice about the 2:30am phone call to cancel).
mummified - quite zombified


Eternally Curious said...

Yikes Mummifed - what an ordeal, for both of you! Hope Little Fella is better...and hope you were finally able to get some rest!

Tea and Books, etc said...


I'm so sorry to hear the wee one is undergoing such pain, and for you and Poppified, too. :'-{

Hope the little fella gets better pronto and that his teensy fangs pop out right quick.

Sending lots of hugs, well wishes, and peaceful/calming/restful waves.

Schnubelhopper said...

Hehehe, that's bad to hear =( you should buy him a pacifier or something, then take him to a rave!

Also, I always thought it was Mummified because you felt like a mummy not because you were a mom lol. But now, you have a vampire, a banshee and you can be a mummy yourself! Oh and a zombie. What kind of monster is your hubby anyways?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Whiskey on the gums was an old cure, we stuck with Ambesol, though. Babies sinus systems aren't set up too well at first so they can't handle changes in pressure very well, especially when blocked - heck, I have felt like an alien was trying to claw his way out of my head on descent a couple times, poor kid wouldn;t stand a chance - good call on CNX the flight, the passengers on the flight should all send you a nice thankyou card.

mummified said...

Hello fellow bloggers. Another night of the undead but only semi undead this time. So that would be zombies - right ? (gee my love of corny B grade movies gets a serious work-out on this site). Anyway, thanks to enternally curious and T&B. Schnubelhopper - I may next to shorten this to "Schnubel" if that is OK - yeah, I am a mom but I am sure I look about as attractive as a "mummy" on certain mornings after a lousy night's sleep so I think I could qualify for both. PK - whisky is a great idea but I can't bring myself to do it so Baby panadol it is. Or maybe I should just send him out to a rave as Schnubel suggests - he could just trance/dance the pain away.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Whiskey is always a good idea when you are raising kids.

fairscape said...


OOOh Nooo !!! Mean old teethies . As my grandmummy used to say ,"this is what we're mummies for" of course, when she said it, I wanted to harm her. An as my mummy used to say "this to shall pass" -ditto. I succeeded in making it through 3 sets of baby fangs without either adult or child or alcohol abuse. My advice is to just howl at the moon with him and take a little comfort in knowing it is natural and normal rather than an ugly ear infection or the like. Wow -doctors that do housecalls in the middle of the night -I'm impressed.