Sunday, April 02, 2006

And our word for today is guk

You might imagine that "guk" connotes something icky, a little yukky, on the irksome side. But no, a guk is a duck. And Baa, is bye. Mumumumumum - well, that stands for mummified. And dadadada - is not an art movement. The little bloke is starting to talk. Most of it is babble although I always make sure I look suitably impressed and tell him what a clever little bloke he is whenever he does it.

And on that note, I can hear the little fella surfacing after his midday nap. Better go


Tea and Books, etc said...

I like your son's way with words. I think you should take down his comments, secretary-wise, and help him write a story for other children. Why not?

Other tots have done so with a helping hand from their parents. :-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

It's funny how most words come out all garbled, but F**K comes out clear as a bell, why is that??

mummified said...

Tea, I think your idea is inspired and will see what we come up with and PK - well yes, you are correct.