Monday, April 10, 2006

Wanted - the same deal he gets

OK, here is a list of stuff that little kiddies get that should be provided to all adults by request.

1) lots of cuddles from kind people who love us - on tap, 24/7
2) a drink of our favourite beverage wherever and whenever we want it. (Kiddies only get milk, juice or water but adults can demand, say, a mojito or vodkatini with decent olives at a moment's notice)
3) A special bedtime song at the end of the day that relaxes us, makes us forget our cares and makes us drowsy (They seriously have one of these at 19.30 on Nickelodean Junior on cable and little tacker loves it)
4) A number of key people who adore us and would do anything for us, including defend us should the need arise - I pity the kiddie who lays a finger on my child - by the time I have finished with him, he will have nightmares until well into his teens
5) Free accommodation, all clothes, beanies, boots and slippers provided
6) Someone to carry us about when our little legs get tired
7) Someone who loves us enough to wake up at ungodly hours when we are upset and need comforting.

Any other suggestions ?


Tea and Books, etc said...

Ooooh! Wot a loverly list, Mummified!

How about these?

8. An unending supply of books with lots of bright and interesting pictures and characters.

9. Soft, cuddly toys that we can hug and lug.

10. An inexhaustable curiosity about the world and infinite optimism that anything and everything is possible.

11. Someone who loves us enough to tell us the truth, even if we don't want to hear.

12. Someone who loves us enought to tell us 'no', when we need to hear it.

(Huh. My wv is 'gqiaaaq'. Sounds like something my niece would say. ;-))

Fuff said...

Adults should ensure that ice cream cannot fall off a cone and onto the ground, unless a replacement is on offer.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sorry, I was just thinking of "pelicans" for some reason. I know that's more of a New Zealand kind of thing, but I find it uproariously funny none-the-less. Talk about sharing!!!

mummified said...

Tea and books get toblerone
^^^^^^ (hmm, my toblerone doesn't look as impressive as when Seb does it)
PK gets Huh ? Pelican ? Lo siento pero no intiendo

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'll settle for a Foster's, preferrably an unused one.

nanuk said...

I think we should be able to get our bottoms powdered with talc anytime the mood strikes us.

SC said...

Yes, I have a suggestion. Please come and live in my flat.

mummified said...

Pepe Le Pew - shame on you, naughty skunk. You should be out searching for a local pussy cat to play with as you have always done in your famous cartoons. I am NOT a pussy cat therefore desist with the shocking flirting immediately. Bad skunk.