Sunday, April 02, 2006

The tiny terror tyke

This afternoon's stream of consciousness is the answer to: what happens after the beloved kiddy learns to walk and breaks into a gallop ?

1) No dog anywhere is safe. Having not yet understood about being gentle, doggies get slapped, biffed, their ears get pulled and several attempts to remove their tails are unsucessful, although not from lack of trying. The doggies remain stoic throughout - bless them.

2) The storm water drain (it has a proper name which my hubby uses but I can never remember it). You know, the thingummy, jiggy, outside where the washing machine water goes after the washing machine is finished with it.

Anyway, that thingy wotsit, takes on an irresistible appeal for the little fella no matter how often I try to discourage him. Small fella climbs into it like a flash, locates dog poo, smears it on hands and face. Then a couple of energetic stomps and he has broken through the grate at the bottom and is semi stuck, his slippers awash with detergent, his cords (trousers) sodden and squealing like a stuck pig.

Mummy whisks small boy out, utterly several choice, un-mummy-like words, takes deep breath and hoicks him off to the bathroom. One warm bath, soothing words, some cuddles, a fresh outfit, some dirty clothes in wash and bottle of milk later and things calm down.

3) He can race into the playroom where the computer is and turn it off faster than you can say jack - rab.....


charlie said...

1 all children need a dog. no argument, they need a dog
2 all children need to get covered in icky stuff then have baths and cuddle - that's why they get covered in icky stuff
3 all children take no notice whatsoever of jack-rab...

As the part-owner of two male children now aged 22 and 19, I can assure you they don't change.

have fun


Tea and Books, etc said...

Poor Mummy! I can see why you're mummified on a daily basis. And awwww to the cuddles. :-)

It is difficult to keep up with the tykes, isn't it? I salute mums and dads everywhere, because I don't know where you find the energy. :0)

(My word verification is 'kafxyhd', which makes me think of 'Halifax' for some reason.)

The Phosgene Kid said...

A little dirt never hurt little boys. It almost gets to the point where it is fruitless cleaning them off.

mummified said...

Thanks guys. Yes, it is all good - if a little tiring at times. Agree that a little dirt is a good thing - builds their immune systems. :-)