Thursday, April 06, 2006

Let the chocolate wars begin

This week is the start of the local creche (childcare) fundraising season. It is carefully timed so as not to clash with the local school fundraising season. Each parent is given a box of chocolates and told to start selling. There are 48 to a box.

Mummy took this in her stride and did some of the most shameless pressure selling every seen anywhere in the history of the world and almost certainly the universe. None of this - leave it in the lunchroom at work and hope folk will buy eventually - oh no.

I don't expect the mountain to come to Mohammad. No, Mohammad must go to the mountain.

Most folks were only too happy to buy a chocolate or two. But there were some fence sitters. Feckless, indecisive, chocolate-neutral, wishy washy, fence sitters.

I did my best pitiful look (and after major sleep deprivation this week, it was a truly pathetic sight) and said - "think of the kiddies". The whole box was gone in under an hour.

Hubby has now got wind of this and being a competitive bear (just like his wife) reckons he can sell a box or two at his work. The gauntlet has been tossed down. Who will win the choccie wars ? (Hint - back a woman every time on this one - if we can't sell it, we will probably just scoff it down ourselves)

mummified - quite satisfied (and frankly - getting a bit on the smug side on this one)


The Phosgene Kid said...

I've did my part and bought a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I don't care for them, but they disappeared pretty quick when I got them home.

nanuk said...

TPK: To quote Wednesday Addams "We're they made from real girlscouts"?

Mummified: When fundraising for my high school band, I had to divert all my earnings from the gas station just to pay for the chocolates I ate. I think most people buy the chocolates out of sympathy remembering what a thankless task it was when they did it.

Tea and Books, etc said...


Mummified, I commend you on your competitive streak and that of Poppafied, too. :-D

And your comment re women scarfing down the whole lot if they can't sell it is spot on!

To be honest, I think half the buyers are those who are parents themselves -- who have had to undergo the same trauma, and the other half are those who are not-so-secret chocolics. :-)

mummified said...

Clearly, this post resonated strongly with you guys. And yes, I reckon there were some kind parents amongst the chocolate buyers. Box no.2 is now sitting in our room ready to go forth and be plundered at poppified's work on Monday.