Friday, April 21, 2006

Baby chinos all round

In celebration of it being the weekend and various other happy things, there will be baby chinos all round. These are tiny cups of milk froth with a little star drawn in chocolate syrup on the top.
Little people like my son, like to chug one of these back as fast as possible leaving him with a very fetching milk moustache and goatee. If I stuck a beret on his head and dressed him in black, he could be a mini beatnik.
We are celebrating for the following reasons:
a) my son has become an artist - I bought him crayons during the week and he has being laboriously colouring in.
b) he has not yet tried to transfer the crayon to the wall/floor etc - I know this is coming but I am pleased that it is not quite yet.
c) a very nice girl I know - Mim - is having a baby soon and is rather thrilled
d) a friend I had sort of lost touch with - Caroline - emailed me out of the blue - (best friends at 10 - therefore very precious person)
e) for once, am not feeling utterly crushed by all the stuff I should have done, have to do, failed to do perfectly... etc etc

mummified is happified


The Phosgene Kid said...

Buy washable crayons, you'll be happy you did later. Glad you are feeling upbeat!

Tea and Books, etc said...

Huzzah for you and the little fella and your friends! :-D

Happy happy, joy joy to you and all! :-)

fairscape said...

1. Art must be encouraged.
2, Buy that blackboard paint and color chalk.
3. Put up those huge rolls of newsprint around the rooms perimeters.
4. Have a designated scribble wall in the kitchen.
5, Set definite limits regarding other walls.
6. Praise all creatins no matter where they occur.
7. Baking soda and water made into a paste is great for removing crayon and pencil.
8, Mr Clean Magic Erasers are great for removing just about everything else.
9. Do not keep indelible markers where children can reach them.Ever.Or else.
10. Poster paint remains forever-10 years later it still adheres to my formica kitchen bacsplash and stainless steel sink as if applied yesterday.

Good luck and enjoy. My #2 son today is an artist who does fine and graphic arts and web design.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I sitll draw on the walls. It drives my wife crazy, because we have no kids around the house. When she asks "Who drew on the walls?" I just shrug my shoulders. Pretty funny.

SC said...

Mummy, if you don't stop writing so well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you to the Stop Writing So Well Police. Understood?

mummified said...

Thank you SC. Are the stop writing police very rough and tough. Do they carry tear gas ? Have they been practicing on activists ? All very worrying stuff.
PK - I will only say this once. PUT down those crayons at once. Put your hands above your head and step away from the crayons. Do not make any sudden moves !!!
Tea and Books - delightful as ever.
And Fairscape. Very good suggestions, thank you very much.

SC said...

Well yes, they are quite rough and tough. What tends to happen after they've broken down your door and squirted you with tear gas is that they switch on your computer and start inserting unnecessary prepositions everywhere. It's hellish. I wouldn't mess with them if I were you.